3 Ocak 2012 Salı

Call for international support for Trexta TR workers

Dear colleagues,

We call you to further your support and raise international solidarity with women workers who would like to unite in Trexta TR company which is a supplier of Nokia, Blackberry, Canon, Vertu.

We believe that this could be a perfect theme of campaign because Trexta TR produces accessories from leather and plastic in its 2 plants, so Deri-Is as affiliate of ITGLWF and Petrol Is as affiliate of ICEM are working together. They produce for Nokia, Blackberry, Canon that are on the field of IMF. So this could be an example on the process of merging of 3 unions. Also via their transportation firms, ITF could attend which also joins the GUF project in Turkey. The majority of workers are women so women movements could participate too.

There are 630 employees and 75 % of them are women. They can not get their wages fully and regularly and their wages are only 260 euro per month.

Our union began its activities in August and since that 25 members were dismissed. 10 of them are union committee members. Union committee members are waging their struggle outside and we are preparing for a picket line soon. We have about … members inside and we intensified our campaign to recruit new members. For CB, we need to organize 315. But there is a high possibility for government to change the law this month, and the threshold would decrease to 40 %. So we would need about 250 workers.

There have been some improvements as a result of our Union’s activities and support of International Metal Workers Federation. For instance there is no forced overtime work now that had been about 30 hours before. They began to pay for overtime work. There is a new air conditioning. They promise to pay wages properly and fully and they promised wage increase.

However still, they don’t pay severance pays, there is no nursery and there is an increasing pressure over our members.

As a consequence of the support of IMF, Nokia representatives visited company in November and investigated for two weeks. Management feared about this interference and they promised for improvement, at that time we could find opportunity to recruit more members.

However, for over one week, there is an intense pressure over workers. Management is aware that there is a raising interest on workers to our union.
On December 28, employer Attila Kutbay organized meetings with workers in small groups for the first time in the history and told workers that “they are a family”, warned them not to let “third parties” to intervene and they could be able to solve problems, and promised them to pay wages regularly after January 10.
Management also organizes meetings with workers in their offices and threatened them not to be union member, they will solve problems, "third parties" should not intervene. Workers fear from such meetings.
On January 1, manager of human resources Oktay Tekes phoned our dismissed member Reyhan Donmez (who was dismissed after his interview with nokia) and threatened him that he would not able to take his severance pay, claimed that Union was manipulating him and asked from him to give up union activities. Our member refused his threats.

The biggest customers of Trexta are Nokia, Blackberry, Vertu and Canon. Trexta TR also owns factories in China and Chennai-India. We call for international solidarity. We may suggest from each organization to
-          write protest letters to Trexta TR,
-          Inform unions and women movements about the case especially in Britain, Canada, and Japan.
-          Inform and call for interference to customers. Finland, Britain, Canada, Japan.
-          Inform media about struggle of trexta workers

In Turkey, we are forming a solidarity movement by the involvement of academicians, mass movements, unions. There would be meetings and workshops in January. Also we are working together with Petrol Is.  

This would be a new contribution to the struggle of women workers both in Turkey and worldwide. This could be also a good example of solidarity of workers of the world from various sectors.
We are determinant and close to the victory.
We wage an intense struggle from 6 am in the morning to 11.30 pm in the evening.
Lets support to win…

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